by Tom Kazas

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four minimalist piano compositions:
emerge - chordal improvisation
spora - algorithmic ecology
dismantle - internal soundtrack
berceuse - textured absence

excerpt from the essay:
Verdigris and the Succession of Presents
The album Verdigris began life with the idea of 'response'. Each piece was created as a reply to an existing work. This allowed me to intentionally avoid the 'predicament of presumption', thinking that an idea for a work starts when one first (consciously) 'thinks' it, instead of the complex history of incubating subliminal ideas. More clearly, it admits that rarely can such an inchoate point be isolated and seen for what it is, a beginning. ‘Responding’ allows one to be ‘in media res’, so what emerged was that the central dynamic of the work was in fact the 'nature of narrative'. The music on Verdigris can be imagined as making movements along an axis which has 'narrative presence' as one pole, and 'narrative absence' as the other, and points to the fluid nature of events, complexity, and our attention to time.

'Emerge' is a response to the word, (the poem ‘Something like an Emergency’ by Josephine Scicluna), while 'Spora' is a response to a response to the stage, (theatre, my soundtrack to ‘the Wound’). 'Dismantle' was created for the image, (my film, ‘the Topologist’), and 'Berceuse' became a closing response (to the album ‘Verdigris’ itself).

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released May 12, 2011

piano + production = tom kazas

lyra on spora = michael platyrrahos



all rights reserved


Tom Kazas Melbourne, Australia

Tom Kazas is a composer/song writer, record producer/sound engineer, film maker, broadcast operator and a pre-utopian

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